While many companies are already experiencing the value of mobile marketing, the importance of mobile channels, from apps to bulk SMS, cannot be overstated. According to CMSWire, mobile will be one of the top five "non-negotiable requirements" for content management in 2015, owing to customer empowerment and the accessibility of information. This is why it is critical to optimize your firm's mobile marketing services now, and ring in the new year with a bang.

The five "non-negotiable requirements" for a content management system in 2015, according to CMSWire, are: Engagement and conversion, testing and optimization, better integration, mobile and multichannel publishing. However, all of these tie directly into mobile, highlighting it as one of the most important marketing tools a business can invest in.

Being able to handle mobile customer interactions, whether it's a mobile marketing campaign or text as a support channel, will be critical in 2015, according to the news source. Because of how heavily consumers today rely on mobile devices, companies need to embrace that trend and make it their own. This will allow them to foster goodwill with customers and encourage deeper, more meaningful conversation via other channels.

This multichannel focus is another one of the major trends expected next year. Multichannel accessibility will be a cornerstone of customer service and marketing, and firms that integrate social media, mobile and other channels will be ahead of the game. Of course, this means optimizing each channel individually as well.

Through the optimization of mobile, firms will be able to focus on the content and ensure they are analyzing all of the feedback they can get from customers. Being able to base improvements on facts, rather than feelings, will allow companies to optimize their marketing campaign testing as well. At the same time, firms will need to highlight their integration to ensure they are able to develop these processes.

Integration of channels has already been a non-negotiable requirement of marketing, and this trend will only deepen. As the news source notes, "a website or mobile app is more than just the digital equivalent of your company brochure." Today, a mobile user expects access to relevant and personalized information, and optimizing text marketing efforts will help to deliver this.

Bringing these requirements back around to mobile directs one toward engagement, the first mentioned. Ultimately, mobile is the optimal channel for improving customer engagement and conversion. With a higher open and click-through rate than any other channel, mobile is a prime example of the opportunities that companies are missing if they aren't updating their marketing and content management solutions for the latest trends and strategies.

As businesses move forward with their marketing strategies for the new year, mobile has to be part of the equation. If it isn't, a firm will only be selling itself short and stifling its own potential.

According to eMarketer, more firms are turning to analytics to optimize communications, improving testing and centralizing their customer data. In a survey by The Relevancy Group, 46 percent of enterprises said they intend to use analytics to drive the optimization of communications, while 40 percent said they want better segmenting and targeting and 33 percent plan to centralize their customer data. These trends will be heavily influenced by mobile marketing decisions, with a lean toward personalization in both importance and focus.

Ultimately, as mobile takes on greater importance, firms will need to ensure they have the SMS API in place to support their needs.