Mobile text marketing is one of the leading channels for businesses looking to optimize their reach and engagement, but it's not the only one, and firms that put all their eggs in one basket will quickly realize they are falling short of their potential. However, one of the biggest benefits of mobile marketing services is the ability to integrate with other channels and help promote alterative media, such as video or social marketing efforts. For companies looking to get the biggest return from an investment into bulk text messaging, this can help expedite the benefits.

Consider online video marketing, through services like YouTube. The advantages of video is that is appeals to multiple senses at once and allows you to do much more than any other medium for marketing and advertising. However, you need to direct potential customers to your YouTube channel in the first place for these videos to have any effect.

Integrating your YouTube channel with text message marketing will allow you to include links to videos and allow users to send feedback on the content they view outside of the website's comments section. Text can tie these channels together conveniently for you and the consumer and provide a stronger dialog — something more users are looking for in their marketing exposure.

Tying SMS to social media accounts is another way to expand your reach. Directing text recipients to Facebook or another social media account allows you to expand on the information provided without overloading their mobile device with texts. Users prefer short, to the point SMS. Using social as a tie-in will help ensure you deliver on that demand while still optimizing your marketing potential.