One of the major benefits of mobile marketing solutions is the ability to integrate other channels with it, primarily social media. Whether tying Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to your SMS marketing campaign, make sure you're optimizing reach and engagement through these efforts to help direct consumers to both channels.

Social media has been one of the strongest emerging trends in marketing since 2012, but mobile still reigns supreme when it comes to customer engagement and ROI. For companies looking to leverage some of that success to their social efforts, there are a few tips that can help better leverage the tools you're using and optimize marketing in both channels.

Cross-promote – Cross promotion is a great way to get users involved in both your SMS marketing strategy and your social media presence. Use texts to alert users to new deals on your social accounts and remind them they can get regular updates on discounts and deals sent directly to their phone on your social pages.

Don't copy content – Rather than putting out the same information in SMS and on social media, use the two channels to complement each other. Send basic details in texts and direct users to read more on your Facebook page, or use Twitter to promote detailed text campaigns.

Keep up with trends – New trends emerge on social media and in texting every year. Make sure you keep up on them and leverage the latest trends, whether its video posts or memes, to keep customers engaged and entertained.

With any mobile marketing effort its key to use an adequate bulk SMS gateway to handle your traffic. Make sure you're using the right services for your campaign needs.