As the internet and e​-marketing make it possible for small businesses to compete more effectively with larger corporations, it is important for SMBs to harness leading marketing solutions to extend their reach and capitalize on these channels. According to Business 2 Community, mobile SMS marketing will be a leading source of returns for most smaller companies in the new year.

"The reality is digital marketing is essential to businesses of all sizes and cannot be ignored," the news source noted. "As a small business, you may not have an abundance of time and resources to allocate towards digital marketing, but there some strategies that don't require too much investment and can provide some great starting points for your digital campaigns."

Mobile marketing channels offer many advantages over other digital mediums, from low cost to advanced consumer engagement. With a near 100 percent open rate and high success with integration with other channels, SMS provides a strong foundation for a mobile marketing campaign.

A significant portion of the U.S. population owns at least one mobile device, with many owning more than one for personal and professional use. Mobile marketing and bulk SMS efforts can reach out to consumers across the nation and provide quick and easy engagement for a fraction of the cost of more complex channels. Furthermore, firms can combine mobile with social media, QR codes and other tools to extend the potential of their SMS text messages. The end result is a campaign with stronger reach and better support.

For small businesses that are considering including mobile in their marketing strategy in 2015, make sure to invest in the right bulk SMS gateway to ensure deliverability and proper management of SMS data.