Maximizing marketing returns means improving the channels you use and their reach. For nearly any business, the channel that has the biggest return on investment is mobile, helping optimize reach with minimal cost and time put into the campaign. For companies looking to put more into their text marketing strategy, this can be done easily through a number of different methods, such as:

Focus on opt-ins and timing – When it comes to mobile text marketing, the power is in how many people receive texts. You can optimize this channel quickly by putting the focus on your opt-in appeal and the frequency at which texts are sent. Getting consumers to opt-in then keeping them by not oversaturating their mobile device with messages will optimize your audience and keep them engaged for longer periods of time.

Integrating other channels – One of the primary advantages that mobile offers is that is can be easily tied into other channels. Remind users of your social channels with a short message at the end of a text, include links to your website or YouTube channel and engage customers on multiple channels at once. This helps ensure reach is maximized while redirecting traffic to other areas of your campaign that can be more detailed or thorough.

K.I.S.S. – This acronym has never been more applicable in marketing than with bulk SMS messaging. By keeping your text campaign short, simply and sweet, you'll ensure engagement without wracking up high costs. Use a URL shortener to keep links short, keep your text simple and direct customers to act quickly to keep the messages coming and maintain high engagement.

For firms looking to optimize their mobile marketing efforts, make sure you invest in the right SMS service providers to optimize the tools you use to manage your campaign.