Technology provides numerous channels for businesses to extend their reach with marketing efforts. Mobile devices and SMS apps allow for significant leverage in one of the most pervasive trends of the last two decades, connecting with consumers in a more direct way and taking advantage of the massive popularity of texting. However, there are a number of ways that firms can implement mobile marketing efforts, making it important to understand the various benefits and how to best utilize them.

SMS marketing messages can provide businesses with a few direct benefits, such as:

  • Grab customer attention immediately – Consumers are more likely to open texts as soon as they receive them, making text marketing a more immediate attention grabber.
  • Complement other marketing tools – Easy integration with social and other channels makes marketing a key part of any modern marketing strategy.
  • Build personalized relationships – The ability to respond to texts makes mobile marketing a great channel for fostering customer relationships as well.
  • Allow for more casual interaction with customers – Much like the ability to build more personalized relationships, texting is a casual communications channel which encourages customers to deal with a business on a more casual level.
  • Control marketing costs – As one of the lowest cost marketing channels, SMS offer optimized reach for the investment that it requires.

Implementing a mobile strategy isn't as simply as investing in a bulk SMS gateway and hitting send, but it's a good start. Investing in the right SMS API will help a company set the foundation for a strong text messaging marketing campaign and start developing a user base.