In order to drive a marketing campaign to its maximum potential and reach, it has to engage customers. According to Street Fight, a blog focused on hyper local marketing, the best way to accomplish this is to take the consumer on a journey, engaging them through multiple channels at once and through the latest technology to ensure optimized potential.

This trend will become even more important in 2015, the news source noted, because new technologies and ways to use data will emerge that will allow firms to strengthen their engagement efforts and ensure their marketing strategies are personal, relevant and delivered in a timely fashion. To this end, mobile will remain one of the most important marketing channels available to enterprises.

In terms of reach and success, there are three factors that businesses need to consider that will optimize their efforts and help them ring in 2015 with a bang:

Access the customer journey – One of the key advantages coming to mobile marketing in 2015 will be the ability for companies to gain more access to the "customer journey" – the path that consumers take from their initial experience with a brand to a purchase and beyond. This is directly affected but the consumer experience, making this one of the most important aspects of customer interactions to focus on. By developing a stronger consumer experience, through the offering of stronger marketing efforts on the channels they want to use like mobile, firms will be able to develop a better relationship with their customers.

Adapt with the technology – New technology will emerge in 2015 that brands have to adopt and integrate into their marketing strategies to remain relevant. This is simply a fact of modern marketing, and digital channel growth will always be a major influence on reach. According to eMarketer, digital channel growth is a top influence on customer experience investment and strategy, and smartwatches, fitness trackers, new tablets and other innovative technologies will continue to change how digital channels are growing and how consumers access them.

Be more authentic – Authenticity will be an increasingly important aspect of businesses' marketing strategies. Thew news source reported that brands should already be migrating away from "fake editorials or blatant retargeting," focusing instead on generational humor and emerging trends to appeal to their target demographics. The developing of new mobile technologies simply drives home the need to appeal on the right channel as well.

With mobile taking up a significant portion of the average consumer's life, optimizing SMS and app marketing efforts is essential. Firms need to develop their mobile marketing efforts through bulk SMS service and high-quality mobile text marketing plans that will appeal to consumers at the right level now and through the new year.