There are many reasons that text marketing is still king, even as mobile evolves and apps become more prevalent as a marketing channel. From hold the highest open rate of any channel to optimizing consumer engagement on a broad scale, text messaging services allow for much stronger mobile marketing overall. However, sometimes its easy to lose sight of the value of such a "simple" marketing strategy, making it important to go over some of the primary benefits a company can still achieve through text.

The four primary advantages that text marketing brings to the table are:

Cost – SMS is one of the cheapest marketing methods available for reaching a large audience. Whether sending promotional texts or running a regular SMS campaign, the cost will always be lower than other channels.

Engagement – Text still has one of the highest engagement rates of any channel because people actually enjoy receiving texts, and the immediacy of them is harder to ignore than email and other channels are. Furthermore, text allows for consumers to respond, creating more of a conversation, rather than blanket messaging.

Green-friendly – SMS is also a highly environmentally friendly channel, with no use of paper, fuel or other waste by-products in the sending and receiving of texts.

Speed – Conveniently, text is also the fastest channel for marketing purposes. With a bulk SMS gateway, a business can reach hundreds or thousands of consumers instantly. Furthermore, because text is a short form communication method, it allows for quick back and forth when a recipient wants to start a conversation.

Of course, the most important part of text is to have the solutions in place to ensure regular and consistent delivery. Invest in a bulk SMS service to maximize the potential of your mobile marketing efforts.