Success in text marketing relies heavily on how many potential customers receive your SMS messages in the first place. Therefore, anyone who opts out of receiving those texts is hurting your bottom line, so to keep returns high and optimize your campaigns reach, you need to take great pains to keep opt outs low and continue engaging consumers.

Below are a few tips for keeping your subscribers from opting out:

Maintain strict frequency and volume rules – One of the main reasons consumers opt out of text messaging services is because they get messages too frequently, or too many at a time. In order to keep this from being a volume you need to set a strict plan for managing SMS volume and stick to it. However, each campaign is different, so your frequency threshold may change over time, so make sure to keep this plan flexible from campaign to campaign.

Offer incentives – A great way to keep customers engaged is to offer valuable incentives and discounts in every text. Whether it's a discount and brick and mortar locations or a code for free shipping, offering incentives will keep them subscribed and making purchases – true ROI for any SMS marketing effort.

Refine targeting – Refining the target audience is another key way to boost subscriptions and minimize opt outs. As your product or marketing strategy evolves, the target audience may as well, so make sure to continue adapting as needed.

With bulk SMS, a business can maximize their return and ensure they are reaching as many potential customers as possible in a short amount of time, getting the most out of their text marketing efforts.