Text message marketing is all about reach, and the more customers that opt in to the campaign, the more successful it will be. However, this also means you need to keep them from opting out, and according to Business 2 Community, the frequency of messages plays a key role in this — not overwhelming them with texts, but also sending them often enough to keep them engaged.

The news source reported that consistent delivery of inbound messages helps to prevent customer list decay and focus them on the marketing campaign with regularity. This keeps it fresh in their minds, also boosting general awareness of the campaign. As such, setting up a schedule for messages and tweaking it for optimal reach is essential for maximizing the value of SMS text marketing.

This schedule should be frequent enough that the customer hasn't forgotten about the last message sent, but timed so that every message provides fresh, value-driven content, ensuring the sustainability of the schedule. Finding this time-value ratio can be the trickiest part of mobile marketing services, but once it has been achieved many of the other pieces will begin to fall into place.

By straddling the fine line between too-frequent and too-infrequent, A business can even enhance its subscriber numbers, because recipients will be more likely to act on and share the content that they receive.

Turn text marketing in a value-driving service that leads marketing campaigns, rather than an afterthought channel used to supplement numbers. In order to leverage this trend, companies should invest in a bulk SMS service to optimize their text marketing effiorts.

Deploying a bulk SMS service is more complicated than it may seem. With the help of a mobile text marketing service, businesses can ensure they are following all laws and regulations while designing a perfect strategy to connect with customers and boost sales.