Mobile text marketing isn't a strategy that falls into place all on its own, it has to be cultivated for success. Furthermore, every business will have its own, unique approach to text message marketing that will require a customized process for success. However, there are five standard steps to this process that will remain unchanged for every enterprise plying mobility for its marketing potential.

According to Business 2 Community, text messaging marketing efforts have incredible value as long as a company approaches it as if they were the recipient of these messages. From this mindset it is easier to manage volume, frequency and other important factors of a mass messaging campaign. However, the following five aspects of the process play an even more important role, and have to be approached with care. These are:

Assess data – Making sure that you can harness all of the data derived from this channel and leverage it through advanced analytics is critical for developing a strong campaign strategy and remaining flexible to trends and consumer expectations in the mobile space.

Segment demographics – Carefully analyze and place text message subscribers into different demographics to optimize message relevancy and personalization. This will help to keep engagement high while offering more direct value to the consumer, a sure way to see higher profits as a result of the campaign.

Plan messages carefully – Text marketing messages should be written like emails, rather than using "text speak." However, short code SMS does have it's own style, which has to be taken into account. keep message short and to the point to drive value, opening with an incentive and closing with a call to action. Long code SMS has some value as well in promotional texts, so use each format carefully and as needed.

Personalize it – While it should be clear who is sending the text – accomplished by including the brand name in the message itself – bulk text messaging should still come across as a personal message. This can be accomplished by appealing to the consumer on an individual level and making the message seem as if it comes from a real person, as opposed to a bulk messaging service.

Create a schedule – Timing is everything in text marketing, and creating a strong schedule will take a bit of trial and error but once it is figured out make sure to stick with it, sending messages regularly for engagement but not too frequently so as to drive the consumer away.

Firms will be able to stay ahead of the curve and gain a handle on their mobile marketing services before the competition does by focusing on these factors and investing in a bulk SMS service now. This will lend an important edge as this service drives more revenue in 2015.