SMS marketing is being considered as a major player in companies' ability to drive sales on Black Friday this year, reading out to consumers with promotions, deals and discount codes before and during the event to bring them into the store.

According to PerformanceIN, businesses should consider integrating their mobile channels into social, web and email to bring all four together to direct customers toward extra inventory, special deals, unique events and other sale-driving Black Friday strategies. SMS messages can even be sent to customers while they are in-store to let them know if an item is selling out, sold out, or reduced in price.

The most important part of leveraging text marketing messages on Black Friday is making sure they direct customers toward making a purchase. This doesn't necessarily have to be on an in-store item either. If a low-inventory, high-demand item sells out, shoot out a text alert letting them know but also directing them toward the item on the store website, or include information on when it will be back in stock. Customers can be directed toward similar items as well by announcing secret sales.

The best way to get consumers into the store, however, is to offer exclusive deals to "text club members." By offering an addition 5 percent off or a buy one, get one offer, you can increase participation in the event as a whole, bringing more shoppers in and driving overall sales up.

Retailers willing to adopt mobile marketing before some of their more conservative counterparts will major returns this holiday season. Consider staying ahead of the curve and raising revenue by implementing mobile marketing services for your company this Black Friday.