More companies are launching mobile marketing campaigns in an effort to keep up with the emerging trend, requiring more effort to stay ahead of the pack. According to eMarketer, mobile marketing budgets have grown a shocking 735 percent between 2011 and 2014, and are expected to continue increasing at an accelerated rate through 2017.

Mobile's dominant place in the marketing channel battleground is due to several factors – low cost, ease of customer engagement and simplicity. Businesses can use a bulk SMS service to send hundreds, or even thousands, of text messages at once, ensuring customers receive ads relevant to time-sensitive deals or general marketing. And the messages can be as basic as a discount code and link to redeem it.

Mobile is often split between two fronts, however: Texting and apps. Texting is often the champion because tracking app advertising success is often much more difficult without login features or click-throughs. Users can just as easily see an add and look it up on their browser later, rather than click through, which provides no trackable metric to measure the success of the investment. Texts, on the other​ hand, either offer useful links to maximize click-through rates, or promo codes that will be used to show their success in black and white.

According to MarketingLand, text message marketing as close to a 99 percent open rate, with response rates averaging 35 percent for image-based messages and less than 1 percent opt-outs reported. This makes it one of the most successful marketing tactics across the board. With bulk SMS, a business can maximize their return and ensure they are reaching as many potential customers as possible in a short amount of time.