Mobile text marketing is a fast growing channel for businesses big and small, with many benefits associated with it. Companies should carefully consider how to best optimize their marketing campaigns for modern consumers and to best take advantage of evolving technology. In nearly every instance, this will mean implementing a bulk SMS gateway to assist with these efforts.

In order to understand how to drive value from SMS marketing, firms have to consider the many, varied benefits to implement one first. These include:

Customer engagement – SMS is a great way to increase customer engagement because people are more likely to look at a text message. With a standard SMS strategy, recipients would opt-in to the program, so they are already interested in the service, even if they aren't already customers. This ensures at least basic engagement. Firms them make their texts more appealing to drive this engagement to the next level and encourage a higher open rate.

Flexibility – The flexibility of text delivery is one of the most important advantages. A handful of messages can be sent, or a bulk SMS service can be used to send hundreds in a matter of seconds. They can be customized, used for promotion or to deliver key information quickly, and they are moldable to nearly any industry as needed.

High open rate – SMS has the highest open rate of any marketing channel, making it the ideal messaging solution as it. The open rate for texts is nearly 99 percent, and even if they don't open it they will look at the alert, which will include at least the first few words of the message. If optimized, these words should entice the recipient to read further.

Instant delivery – As a direct and immediate marketing channel, texting can get reactions faster than any other method. In the instance of store promotions, a recipient might even get a deal in a text while in the store, prompting immediate use. The faster a company can come up with a campaign idea and send the message, the faster it will be in the eyes and minds of its potential customers, making for a smoother, swifter ROI overall.

Integration – Text integrates well with other channels, such as social and apps, to create a more immersive customer experience overall. Companies can include links to their social networks, websites and other channels to get cross click-throughs, and can even simply be used to boost the success of other channels, such as email by simply texting and reminding potential customers of a deal sitting in their inbox.