When it comes to mobile marketing, there is much more to it than just sending a blast message. Crafting the right message is key.

A recent article from The Age My Small Business examined the increased use of SMS marketing. This has become an increasingly popular strategy because organizations have seen that 97 percent of all text messages are read, which is far higher than the 25 percent read rate of email.

While we may use text messages in our daily lives, business decision makers cannot use the same strategy that they use to message friends and family as they do to try and capture new business. This is where a specific strategy is needed to get the most from every text. These include:

  • Know the target – You are establishing a personal connection and it will be more effective if the target audience is clear.
  • Timing – When someone receives a text message, timing can go a long way toward how they feel about it. A message received at 2 p.m. will be better received than one at 2 a.m. Also, in areas like Canada, the CRTC has made it illegal to send messages from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Proper grammar –  This is still business communication, so avoiding text speak is needed.
  • Simple, clear data – Characters are limited, so using the right words is key. This will ensure that attention grabbing language is used and typos are not going out to consumers.

Text messages can be a powerful tool, but only if the message is right. An SMS service provider can provide the tools, but without the right words, the message will fall on deaf ears.