With Summertime holidays and fun comes higher social media use and free time. With many people taking vacations and enjoying the nicer weather, it is only natural that we are sharing our good times with others and messaging people to join in on the fun. This is also a time when consumers are more likely to spend money and businesses are looking to entice them with special summer offers.

Mobile devices have become a major tool in helping people plan and run their vacations. For example, a spur of the moment vacation or day trip is easy to pull off when you can pull up a GPS, search for fun activities near by and book a hotel room all from the same device.

According to an article from Mobile Marketer, Travelocity is reporting that between 60 and 70 percent of the mobile bookings the company handles are for same-day reservations.

"We are trying to think mobile-first," Jason Fulmines, the director of mobile at Travelocity Global, told the news source. "The tides are rushing with mobile." 

This is the perfect opportunity for companies to add an SMS messaging system that consumers can opt into for summertime specials. However, they need to make sure they are ready to handle the sudden increase in traffic.

Every summer since our start in 2007, Swift SMS Gateway sees a surge in SMS traffic. Companies need to make sure that they do not run out of message credits when they are in the middle of a popular summer promotion or experiencing a run of higher usage.