Late last month, when much of Wisconsin was under threat of tornados, many state residents, including the Governor's own wife, were notified of the danger through a text message delivered to their mobile device. 

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that the classic tornado sirens and broadcast alerts may have been enough to warn a population of danger 10 years ago, but today are not as effective. Citing an aging population that may not be able to hear the warning and the rise of non-broadcast entertainment, such as Netflix, the source claims these methods have become less effective in informing the public of coming danger. 

Tood Pritchard, a spokesperson for Wisconsin Emergency Medicine, praised the ability of text alerts to help residents stay informed. 

"It's really a game-changer," Pritchard told the Wisconsin state Journal. "It gets (information) to a device that is right on millions of Americans."

The source explains that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was at home with his wife when she received the text alert, and that he also praised the technology. He told the source that every means of warning residents of tornadoes or other severe weather events should be explored.

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