Although filing your taxes may be a little cumbersome at first, receiving your federal and state tax refund checks in the mail is always something to look forward to. However, without a timeline on when their payment will arrive, some Americans may have to continue pinching their savings to pay their bills.

Nowadays, all Americans can do is opt-in to receive their tax return via electronic check or a paper copy in the mail. While the electronic option may be faster, it does not provide indication on when the transfer will occur from the IRS or state governments.

However, in Illinois, citizens who file their 2013 tax return will have the option to register for text alerts on their check. The Illinois Comptroller Office's SMS service will notify subscribers on their tax return status and when a payment is processed, the Newton Press-Mentor reported.

"Taxpayers no longer have to wonder if the check is the mail," Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka told the source. "By simply visiting and submitting an email address, they can be assured that they will be notified immediately after their payment is processed."

Topinka's initiative is similar to another project to increase transparency on Illinois's spending and payroll on public workers. Last year, she launched Ledger and the Warehouse, two websites that provide details on backlog in certain departments, as well as the salaries of these employees. 

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