In the United States and Canada, agriculture plays a significant role in their respective economies. Not only are crops exported to other countries that need their share of plants and nutrients, they can expedite communication with others within the farming industry.

Farmers live on large plots of land in rural parts of the nation, so it can be hard to pay someone a visit in another farming community. The opportunities to meet others within the industry are rare, therefore getting advice from one another may not be as easy, Business 2 Community contributor Sandeep Gulyani explained.

However, today's urban or rural farmer is doing their best to succeed in the 21st century. One way is by leveraging the use of text messaging services. Whether it is to share crop adjustments with fellow farmers or to promote a sale on specific harvests, the potential of this communication tool is extremely high.

"Small farms in particular benefit greatly from information technology when it comes to marketing and selling their wares at local stores or farmer's markets," Gulyani wrote. "Getting the word out to customers about a bumper crop of an item can mean the difference between earning the price of the produce or eating the costs literally."

To take it a step further, some farms are beginning to implement SMS API technology to record greenhouse temperatures or where certain seeds have been planted. This technology will help farmers be more aware of the shape of their crops, resulting in a smaller financial loss, according to Rural Community Insurance Services's press release.

"As the role of technology in the farming industry continues to grow, farmers need access to improved technology to help with data management and recordkeeping," Rural Community Insurance Services CIO Rick Greenwood said.

Farmers who are looking to establish a more systematic way to manage their crops can benefit from their own SMS API. Swift SMS Gateway can help farmers of any size identify a platform that suits their specific needs.