The 2013-2014 football season may be over, but football fans have one more opportunity to enjoy the sport before the NFL draft begins in April: National Signing Day is this week. Throughout the United States, college football will be in the spotlight as they wait to see which of their high school recruits will join NCAA rosters for the 2014-2015 season, according to the Bleacher Report.

"[N]ational [S]igning [D]ay is a day filled with emotions ranging from excitement and anticipation to dread and disappointment," Bleacher Report contributor Jeff Bell wrote. "At the end of the day, it's hard to know how to really feel given that these are high school kids who have yet to play in a college game."

However, fans of Washington State University's football program have an opportunity to find out first-hand when high school seniors agree to join the Cougars when they sign up for WSU's text alerts. Once the fax is sent off to the football department, a short code SMS will confirm whenever a letter of intent arrives, SB Nation reported. WSU expects 25 high school football players to become Cougars on Wednesday.

The best part about this SMS service is that it's free, so WSU fans don't have to worry about waiting by the computer screen, refreshing as National Signing Day continues. Because there is no official format to the event, every high school and college program goes about National Signing Day differently. If you're interested in finding out about future Cougars, sign up before the commitments begin rolling in.

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