The summer months are known for hours spent outdoors, hoping to hear the sounds of a melody coming from nearby ice cream trucks. The music may differ from one ice cream truck to another, but once the sound is clear, it is likely an ice cream truck is in the neighborhood. 

Although children look forward to hearing the tune, residents in Eslöv, Sweden are not. Local ice cream trucks visit about once per month, but that is more than enough for adults to file a formal complaint to the local municipality, Swedish publication The Local reported.

In defense to the noise complaints, Engelholm ice-cream president Carl Gustaf told the source that some of the ice cream truck drivers play the music "a bit louder in the winter, in order to be heard properly because people are sitting inside."

As a way to ensure business in Eslöv will continue, Engelholm ice-cream decided to utilize text alerts. This way, customers will be aware when the trucks will be around without interrupting noise levels in local neighborhoods.

Enslöv homeowners will receive a notification in the mail, so they are aware on how to subscribe to the SMS service to receive these messages. This solution may seem off-the-cuff, but this is not the first time locals negatively reacted to an ice cream truck's tunes.

Last summer, Percy Nilsson, owner of Sweden's Malmö Redhawks ice-hockey team, drilled holes into an ice cream truck after a driver honked 10 times to attract customers, according to another Local article. Based on the reaction of this public figure, ice cream companies began considering other methods of communication. It is likely that they went with text alerts because of its high open and read rate rate.

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