The year has just begun, so now is the best time to set annual goals for your business. Whether or not your company saw growth in 2013, there is value in changing strategies to accommodate today's consumer.

Instead of competing with digital marketers, why not implement an SMS marketing strategy to supplement your other advertising materials?

Text messaging continues to play a large role in a cell phone user's lives. In fact, research from MarketsandMarkets found that the SMS market is projected to become a $97 billion industry in three years, focusing on the use of application to person or person to person activity.

Not sure about the benefits of going with this approach? Business News Daily contributor Brett Nuckles compiled a list that highlights the simplicity of text alerts as well as its effectiveness. 

Here are a few examples of SMS benefits:

Interactive appeal –  Unlike other marketing tools, which have the potential to throw out a massive amount of information to the prospective customer, text messages have only 160 characters to make their case. Because of this, "[c]onsumers are very likely to read entire messages, simply because they are so short," Nuckles wrote.

Feel free to change it up with short videos, images or links to the website. Look into analytics to see what types of messages get the most responses and adjust accordingly.

Depending if your organization goes with a text messaging line that allows replies, this could serve as another place to offer excellent customer service.

Affordability – Instead of paying for designers and workers to set up marketing displays, business owners pay a lot less for an SMS marketing campaign. The price for these services range from a few cents per message or a flat rate for bulk texts, but the costs don't get much higher than that.

Opt-in – Similar to email marketing, customers who wish to receive promotional text messages from your business have to sign up to be a part of the system. The customer is likely already a fan of the products and services. 

What makes SMS messages different from emails is that they are quick to the point and hard to ignore. Each time an individual hears their text tone, they are more likely to reach for their devices than after hearing an email alert.

One of the best perks of opt-in is that "you won't waste time or money bothering customers who aren't interested," Nuckles explained, proving that this method of marketing is more effective than others.

Looking forward to beginning an SMS strategy now? Swift SMS Gateway has the tools and expertise to develop a platform that meets your company and targeted audience's needs.