Although the internet has become a common way to access information, a growing percentage of that traffic comes from smartphones. Larger screens allow users to find information on incoming orders, check emails and compare prices on goods and services.

Business owners may see that there are benefits to implementing an online marketing campaign, but there's an even more effective strategy out there: SMS marketing. Because this strategy can be customized to provide a personal touch to users, it has found more success than inboxes inundated with emails.

Why live with a 22 percent read rate from emails when companies can send timely text alerts to customers that encourages action taken to their website or storefront?

In fact, these messages prevail when mobile internet service fail. Next Web contributor Eric Lazar considered text messaging a triple threat because it can be valuable for higher conversion of customers, provide more information on the store's services and work as a gateway to the store or website.

"There is no doubt that SMS is the ultimate channel for introducing a consumer to a brand's mobile program," Lazar writes. "It is easy to understand and accessible to nearly everyone who owns a mobile phone."

An added benefit to text messaging campaigns is that users who subscribe to a company's text alerts program know they are opening a path of communication with the business, meaning that there is a strong likelihood that these customers are interested in continuing using these services in the future. 

"SMS is a permission-based channel, only those who want to join are entered through expressed consent." 

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