Due to increased cell phone use, "small" messages are considered one of Entrepreneur Magazine's marketing trends for 2014. Businesses have the flexibility to communicate with their targeted audience via text alerts and social media outlets.

Why is there value in these forms of communication? Entrepreneur contributor Ann Handley writes that these methods can provide "a human voice, an immediacy—a layer of excitement that transcends, say, a boring e-mail, or just about any other long-form medium." Using a text message service specifically makes it easier for companies to reach out to clients at the same time, instead of manually sending one SMS at a time.

Nowadays, text message marketers will be able to launch more multimedia campaigns. During the first half of 2013, more than half of American adults owned a smartphone and that number is expected to grow as manufacturers continue to make improvements on devices that are already on the market.

Incorporating other forms of brief, but profound methods of marketing into an individual's inbox will continue to bring make lasting impressions.

Even though applications and mobile-optimized websites have provided multiple avenues for businesses to reach out to their customers, David Armano of Edelman Digital told the source that this growing trend meets the "age of ADD, when the best way to reach someone is [during] those 'in-between' moments when they're flipping through content on a mobile device."

Businesses that are already looking into starting 2014 strong may greatly benefit from an SMS marketing campaign. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to help build such a platform.