More businesses use email marketing as a way to get to customers, but studies consistently show that there's a larger benefit to using SMS marketing. When text messages are read within four minutes of entering an inbox, companies have a higher chance of getting customers into their storefronts.

Here's another reason why organizations should consider getting an SMS service: it is easier to use than email. Sometimes emails are full of HTML code, so some users may have a hard time navigating through the promotions. Too many times, a business may send its email subscribers too many messages in a short time period, discouraging them to even want to open these messages.

At this point, a fatigued customer goes from interested to no longer wanting these services, but unsubscribing becomes too much of a hassle, according to Inc. Marketing teams may inform these business owners "to strike a balance between what your customers want—an easy escape—with your business needs—an email address or customer loyalty," but they continue to commit these mistakes.

Unlike emails, text messaging services require much fewer clicks. Email marketing campaigns have too much going on, clients have short attention spans. By focusing one specific deal, you're already ahead of what an email campaign provides.

From the very beginning, SMS subscribers can choose to opt-in to a certain amount of messages. On the other hand, many email subscriptions put everyone under the same umbrella at first, only giving them the option to decrease their emails after having an online account. From the get go, SMS marketing works to customize the consumer's experience, whereas emails feel like endless spam entering their inbox everyday.

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