Time and time again, businesses have heard about the benefits of implementing an SMS service to communicate with their customers, but some proprietors tend to send too many or too few messages. In the long run, this can water down the customer experience, which may discourage them from staying subscribed or visiting the store again.

These text message services are meant to retain customers, keeping them loyal to your services. Use these guidelines as a way to customize your clientele's user experience, whether it expands to the mobile-friendly website or application.

Users want to do more: Instead of just sending a message about an upcoming sale or promotion, attach a short link. The link could redirect them to additional details about the sale or include a coupon that can be used on top of these deals. Remember that people are subscribed to this service because they want to be notified about these events.

A study from Forrester Research showed that no business has a perfect formula for increasing customer engagement because "[i]t requires sophisticated business strategy for multi channel selling," the researchers stated. Using an SMS marketing platform is supposed to supplement other social media platforms.

Staying true to your team's voice: Each time an individual visits a restaurant, retailer or attraction, the employees at these places are trained to provide a specific experience. People are going to expect to hear the same type of language via text message. Not consistently representing your brand on a variety of channels may hurt business down the line.

"When using SMS in the right context you're able to paint a more compelling picture for your audience," Huffington Post contributor Brian Honigman wrote.

These ideas, along with other text etiquette like sending a specific amount of texts a day can build a loyal group of clients. Swift SMS Gateway can help companies build an SMS marketing approach that works for their targeted audience.