It may be obvious that cell phones have become a large part of many people's daily routine, and their prevalence is now larger than ever. June's study from the Pew Research Center showed that 61 percent of Americans use a smartphone.

This growing number is significant because when participants were asked this same question in 2011, only 35 percent of individuals said they owned a smartphone, according to CMS Wire. Reasons for such an increase include an influx of Android devices and the iPhone's flexibility to work with multiple carriers.

As more people are purchasing complex phones, there are additional opportunities for businesses to share additional content in their text alerts.

Even though 91 percent of the adult population that uses cell phones may not reap the benefits of new technologies like emergency texts, this will change in the near future. If 61 percent of users have smartphones, that means only slightly more than a third of individuals are clinging onto their simple devices.

Companies can begin to experiment with their mobile marketing or text reminder plan at this time because more people will be able to provide feedback on the effectiveness of their products. Pew's research shows that the dominance of smartphones is happening within many ethnic, gender and age demographics.

CMS Wire did note that Generation Y consumers are more likely to make purchases than other age groups. To take it a step further, because they spent a majority of their lives utilizing the tools a cell phone carries, it is conceivable that they will take advantage of the option to place orders on their smartphones or tablets. 

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