PokerStars is one of the largest online gaming communities in the world with over 50 million members. What makes it accessible for people is that individuals can play on their computers, tablets or cell phones. As a way to protect their information and money from online thieves, they introduced an authentication SMS service.

This program began last month, and users that have been active members of PokerStars will have to go to settings to update their account and provide their phone number. Because PokerStars is an international community, including an international area code is essential, according to the company's website.

"This service is free to all users, and adds an additional security mechanism to ensure that PokerStars player accounts remain safe and secure against different online threats," the source adds.

If at any given time a player sees suspicious activity like inaccurate deposits, transfers or buy ins, all they have to do is notify PokerStars and the account will be temporarily frozen, according to Poker News Daily. From there, PokerStars will send a text alert confirming that the account is frozen and provide a unique code in the message to use on their website in order to reactivate the owner's account.

"The use of SMS Validation can enhance your PokerStars account security and reduce the risk of key loggers, phishing attacks, and make it much harder for unauthorized hackers to access your PokerStars account," the PokerStars' website stated.

Because this is a recent development within PokerStars' security measures, the program is only available in select counties. The company intends to make it available to all customers once the kinks are worked out.

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