Hanging out in the hotel room can be relaxing, but that's hardly why people go away for vacation. If they wanted to spend their time off sitting in a room and watching TV, they would have stayed home. Instead, travelers are anxious to get out of their rooms and have fun. But because most hotel guests have traveled to where they are staying, they likely aren't familiar with the events that transpire during the days of their vacation. It's up to the hotel, resort or inn to help provide this information. It can be accomplished with text alerts

Signing guests up with a text alerts program can allow the hotel to stay connected with its patrons throughout their stay. There are many advantages to doing this, and keeping them guests in the loop is one of the top benefits. 

If a beach resort offers snorkeling excursions three times a day, that information can be communicated via SMS services. A simple text that says "The next snorkeling boat takes off in 30 minutes" is an effective strategy that can help increase participation through last-minute signups. Maybe there's an event happening at the main pool that guests aren't aware of. Marketing it through texting can help spread the word.

If events announced by SMS messaging cost guests additional money, it's important to ensure they are marketed properly. Working with the right provider can ensure that hotels, inns and resorts are constructing the most effective text alerts. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to orchestrate this initiative.