Instead of outsourcing last-minute deals to third-party hotel booking websites, resorts can provide the previous, loyal guests exclusive deals through their own SMS marketing strategy. These last minute offers can be tailored toward specific groups of individuals that have stayed at the facility.

Hotels should consider a mobile marketing strategy like this because it keeps more bookings within the boarding house's network, reducing expenses and increasing profits. People that choose to opt into the mobile loyalty program are likely to return because they enjoyed their last hospitality experience at your hotel, resort or inn.

The best part about contacting individuals via text message is that there is a higher increase users will see or take advantage of the last minute offer. SMS marketing's response rate is over 30 percent, whereas emails are at 15 percent, according to Marketing Week. Even though emails are a more commonly used marketing platform, companies will be able to double their feedback rate by implementing an SMS service.

Hotels also have the opportunity to grab the attention of business travelers that are forced to find a deal in a short time span. Due to the nature of their trip, these individuals are more likely to be on their mobile devices than desktop computers, according to the publication 4 Hoteliers. 

Hotels and organizations in any commerce industry should be mindful about having this sort of access. Sending a last minute offer every hour dilutes the value of the product. A recent survey showed that out of 2,400 consumers, 80 percent said they did not appreciate text alerts that "[did] not offer any attractive benefits," according to Memeburn. 

Swift SMS Gateway has the developers to help hotels, inns and resorts begin a more effective last-minute booking campaign.