Hotels and resorts are an integral part of many weddings. Whether the future newlyweds are hosting their event there or trying to establish a group package of rooms for out-of-state guests, it is essential to have this information available.

Preparing for a wedding is a large task and the last thing a wedding planner or bride-to-be wants to do is wait on hold for the answer to a frequently asked question. Front desk staff can avoid answering the same batch of inquiries if a hotel provides an SMS service dedicated to wedding services.

Oftentimes, there are accommodation packages for these occasions, but hotels can make the best of this text alert system by asking if they want to subscribe to other services like knowing what time the pool opens or making a reservation at a nearby restaurant.

Giving the prospective guests options to communicate with the hotel will present a higher standard of hospitality without physically coming in contact with them. Despite the lack of face-to-face interaction with the customer, regularly reaching out to an individual through a text message is much more effective.

This is because "real-time marketing is slowly becoming a more useful tool as customers want to, more than before, communicate with businesses immediately and be updated on new releases as soon as they happen," Katie Ingram wrote on CMS Wire.

Staying in contact with hotels from afar

These business-related conversations can happen in other professional settings as well. For example, if a hotel has a long-term relationship with a vendor that hosts the annual industry-wide convention, tell them about your new SMS service. Let the organizers know that guests can book their rooms in advance and request accommodations before entering the front door.

Opening this path of communication can be helpful to your marketing strategy because hotel managers are able to receive feedback sooner than if a person filled out an online survey.

Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to allow hotels to streamline this sort of information to other businesses.