The effect of the mobile phone on the modern business realm has mainly been felt in customer acquisition strategies. Text message marketing is continuing to grow in numerous industries, but what about in the mobile sector itself? 

Perhaps the mobile phone's biggest impact on business is the creation of a new industry that has been gaining steam at a rapid rate: application development. It was only six years ago when the concept of mobile applications was unknown. At least, no one knew how big the market would become. Today, Apple and Google offer more than 500,000 in their respective mobile app stores and each platform has seen billions of downloads in what amounts to a really short amount of time.

Companies that started out making traditional software are now focusing their efforts on building applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone because that's where users want to run applications. Smartphones and tablets are quickly overtaking traditional PCs as primary personal machines. The mobile development industry is flourishing, and it will only get bigger. In an increasingly competitive market, text message marketing is a great way to stand out against the competition. 

Imagine you are a developer of mobile games and you want to announce your latest app. You know your customers are already on a mobile phone. That's why they are your customers. Running a promotion via traditional advertising and marketing channels can't guarantee viewership, but sending a text message can. Your customers are on their devices already. Sending a text will display the information about the upcoming game right in front of their faces. 

Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools developers can use to promote themselves and reach users via mobile marketing, which is inexpensive, yet highly effective.