The old phrase "You have to spend money to make money" is one that entrepreneurs are all too familiar with. Launching a company requires a tremendous amount of spending. And while this typically pertains to the use of cash, that isn't always the case. The overarching concept of "give a little to get a little" applies to most aspects of business, particularly those starting out. It's an effective marketing tool, especially when it is done on the mobile phone.

Text message marketing is designed to reach potential customers on their cellular devices and entice them to do business with a particular organization. However, whether you own a retail store, restaurant or other type of company, you must offer recipients an incentive to come to your business. 

Suppose you own a restaurant and you use mobile marketing to reach potential diners. Sure, you might be able to post the name of your establishment on the display screens of a lot of people, but why do they want to go to your restaurant? Getting them to get in their cars and drive to your eatery requires additional action.

An article in Business 2 Community lists a few factors for mobile marketers to consider. Chief among them is the fact that you have to give in order to get.

"The campaigns that have proven most successful for my clients have been of the Weekly Deals variety," writes Nikolas Allen in the article. "The bottom line is that if you want your customers to give you permission to send them texts, your communications need to provide value for them."

SMS couponing is a great way to offer incentives via text message, but there are other opportunities as well. Swift SMS Gateway will offer the tools organizations need to launch these sorts of mobile marketing campaigns.