When severe weather strikes, it's important to notify the public. As this blog has stated in the past, sending emergency texts is an effective way to let a large group of individuals know if and when there is a weather-related event coming their way.

In the past, areas with high tornado activity would sound an alarm to alert anyone in listening distance. While that was an effective method, it wasn't a fool-proof plan. Anyone outside of earshot wouldn't have been able to know if a tornado was coming and likely wouldn't be prepared.

That's why the traditional practice is being replaced in some areas by a text alert system that will let everyone with a mobile device know if a tornado is coming. According to the Associated Press, the state of Wisconsin is in the process of replacing its traditional warning system with emergency texts. In addition to the ability to reach out to more people in a shorter amount of time, there is value in this system because sirens are costly to operate and maintain, so eliminating them would save the state a tremendous amount of money.

Matthew Marmor, the director of emergency management in Wisconsin's Calumet County, spoke with the Appleton Post Crescent about the benefits of text alerts and the trend in that direction.

"The new technology works well," Marmor said. "I tend to see a drift that way, to the newer technologies and away from the sirens just because of the cost and expense."

Tornado warning alarms are just the beginning. There are a number of old-fashioned systems that will likely soon be replaced by text messaging. Because it is the fastest and most read form of communication, it is an ideal solution for any organization. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch effective emergency SMS programs.