Businesses spend a tremendous amount of resources obtaining new customers. But, once new business is won, it's no time to settle down and relax. In fact, the work companies do to keep their current customers is crucial, as lost business can be hard to win back.

While text message marketing is a great tool for attracting new individuals to a particular business, there are additional SMS services that can be used to keep them interested. SMS couponing can keep consumers engaged and interested in a particular brand and, after a while, those who have stayed can be rewarded with additional value.

Customer reward programs are a big driver of sustained business. They let consumers know the business cares about them and wants to honor their commitment to the company. These programs can be carried out via the mobile phone.

For brick-and-mortar retailers, sending text alerts to customers informing them on sales before they are announced to the public is a perk consumers will appreciate. Often, stores hold sales just for rewards customers – typically the day before they launch for everyone else – and mobile marketing is a great way to advertise that.

Ultimately, customers will stick with businesses that treat them with respect, communicate well and can consistently provide value. If they are informed of any promotion pertaining to the business by a text message, they will receive the information in the quickest and easiest to read format. And because texts are opened more frequently than any other form of digital communication, businesses can rest assured that their message will be seen. 

Swift SMS Gateway understands the value of customer retention and the importance of rewarding loyalty, so we offer the tools companies need to launch effective text message programs to help obtain new business and keep it long after it is acquired.