Instant communication can go a long way toward saving lives. As this blog has mentioned in the past, schools that send text alerts to parents in the event of an emergency can help keep students safe.  This is an effective service, and human beings aren’t the only ones who can benefit from it.

According to an article in the online publication Fast Company, officials in Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) are considering implementing a service that would allow rangers to protect the safety of local elephants. Whenever a park boundary is breached, rangers would be alerted via an SMS message, which would allow them to spring to action and stop poachers on the premises.

While the idea sounds good in theory, there are some who question its practicality. Patrick Omondi, head of the species department at the KWS, told the news source that the system may not work in larger areas.

“Some parks are very big and the idea would only work in conservancies which have a much smaller land area,” Omondi said. 

However, the nature of bulk SMS messaging allows for this service to be effective in all areas. By sending SMS messages to everyone working at a particular conservancy, the KWS can improve its chances of locating poachers and stopping them before they are able to get near an elephant. If rangers are scattered throughout the area, regardless of how big it is, there is a stronger chance that one individual will be in position to stop any criminal activity. 

This is simply another example of how SMS services can benefit a large number of people. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch any effective text alert program.