Exclusivity has always been an effective marketing strategy. Offering gifts to the first 100 customers or delivering promotional deals only to individuals that sign up for a particular mailing list can enhance the want factor and drive new business opportunities.

For example, a marketing campaign such as SMS couponing that delivers exclusive deals to registered text message recipients will likely result in new users. Consumers will want to opt into a text message marketing plan if they know it will result in deals specifically offered to them. Once they are in, companies can capitalize on that by converting them into regular customers. 

An article in Business News Daily discusses the effectiveness of the text message as a business tool. Ken Barber, the author of the article, says if text message recipients are loyal customers, they should be rewarded as such by receiving exciting deals that only they are privy too. Additionally, he believes recipients should get certain information that no other customer would be able to learn.

“Mobile shoppers like to save money, but businesses cannot always afford to offer steep discounts,” Barber writes. “Text messaging can be used effectively to deliver exclusive [and therefore valuable] information such as details on an upcoming event, the release of a new line of products, a major company announcement or a new celebrity endorsement.] 

This sort of strategy is effective because it gives people an incentive to sign up for text message programs. That’s when companies can flex their marketing muscles and really engage their customers. Of course, this is only effective if the content is strong. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools companies need to construct quality messages and launch powerful mobile marketing campaigns.