When the iPhone was first released in 2007, the sentiment was that the traditional text message was a dying breed. The iPhone ushered in a new era for the smartphone and presented users with a plethora of new communication options. Texting, in the eyes of a number of analysts, was on its way toward extinction. Today, six years after the release of the first model, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As this blog has mentioned in the past, SMS is still the most popular application on any smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone model or BlackBerry. And, according to an article in Variety Magazine, iPhone users are particularly engaged with text messaging. Ultimately, while iPhone users will have access to new applications, their overall user experience will also be enhanced, which means the way they receive texts is improved.

This, however, puts pressure on businesses to produce engaging content before it is sent to recipients’ phones. James Citron, the co-founder and CEO of digital marketing solutions provider Mogreet, told the news source that users will continue to want messages and media via SMS, but it has to be of high quality.

“The second someone gets an iPhone, they become a content creator and content consumer unlike they’ve ever been before,” Citron said. “They are highly engaged on that particular mobile device. Great content is the core of the iPhone experience. But what you’re sending them has to be compelling rich media.”

Some companies send out rich media messages such as videos and images for marketing purposes, but that isn’t necessary in every instance. Simply using text message marketing to deliver mobile coupons, advertisements or any other promotional material is fast and effective. Swift SMS Gateway can work with companies to help them ensure their messages are rich and engaging.