SMS coupons don't have to be long-term deals. Oftentimes, an organization can benefit by running a weekend promotion and sending out a coupon via text message to bring as many people to an event in as little amount of time as possible. That's what a Regal Cinemas movie theater did when it recently ran a discounted pizza promotion.

The holiday season is usually a busy time for movie theaters, but with so many options ranging from big-name companies like AMC and Regal to small movie houses, it can be difficult to stand out ahead of the competition. That's why Regal offered a deal to anyone who signed up for its company newsletter. Those who registered over the holiday season received a limited time offer for a $5 pizza in the form of a mobile coupon.

The company is taking advantage of new technologies to manage its sign up process as well. Customers interested in the deal can go to Regal's Facebook page and enter their mobile phone number to receive the coupon via text message. This is a more efficient way of managing the registration process because it eliminates the risk of the company misunderstanding a number by hearing it read over the phone or in person, thus sending the coupon to the wrong person.

The deal isn't designed to last long, as it will be over by the end of December. However, by using SMS technology, Regal Cinemas will be able to quickly get the coupon out to anyone who registers for it.

That's why text message marketing is so valuable. Companies can run limited-time promotions and still benefit many consumers because messages can be sent to a large group of people in a short amount of time.

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