One of the best parts about the holidays is that it gives people an opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones who they may have lost touch with over the course of the year. Things happen. People move. Someone who may have once been a major part of your life may now live on the other side of the country, or even in a different country or continent. However, even though these instances limit our daily communication with one another, we always take time during the holidays to reach out and say hello. Thanks to ever-advancing technology, this is easier than ever.

No longer are we burdened by the high costs of long-distance phone calls. In fact, many of us connect with others without talking on the phone at all. Sending a simple text message wishing others "happy holidays" can mean so much to recipients and doing so has become increasingly simple.

But this type of communication doesn't have to exist primarily between two individuals. Companies can contact their loyal customers in a similar manner, showing that they care about them by sending season's greetings. Any retailer that sends a simple "Merry Christmas" text to a group of consumers will show them how important they are to their business.

The bulk of the holiday season may be over, but with New Year's Day right around the corner, now is a good time to orchestrate a text message marketing service that wishes customers a happy and healthy 2013 while offering a preview of what's to come in the new year. If your company is holding a sale in the new year, make note of that in the text message.

As this blog mentioned last week, the change of a calendar is a good time for companies to start new marketing campaigns. What better time and better way to launch such an initiative than by wishing customers a happy new year? Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to organize effective mobile marketing messages.