As this blog has mentioned in the past, SMS services are a valuable form of communication within the healthcare industry. Doctors can text patients for a number of reasons, such as offering medical advice, reminding them to take their medication and scheduling upcoming appointments. Today, more and more healthcare professionals are experiencing the benefits of text messaging.

According to an article in the online publication Mobihealthnews, smartphone applications are growing within the healthcare industry, but none are taking control of the market because of their limitations. Using social media to connect with patients only works if everyone is a member of that particular network. Text message alerts are preferable because they are not contingent on a carrier or specific application.

Dr. Joe Kvedar told the news source that texting is so important because it doesn't limit the recipient base. Patients shouldn't be disallowed to receive important messages simply because they don't belong on Facebook or don't use a particular form of software specific messaging like Apple's iMessage.

"We have been very fond of text messaging because it enables us to reach the broadest number of users," Kvedar said. "If you start out having to narrow your sample size because you are treating people with a certain illness or a certain level of engagement with the system already, then demanding that they have a specific phone or carrier, that can really really dull the impact of your intervention. We have been more excited about text messaging and have used it as a reminder tool for the most part."

Doctors need to ensure their messages are constructed properly and sent in a timely manner. While texts can be beneficial, they can lose their value if they are not sent following best practices. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools healthcare organizations need to launch effective text messaging services.