SMS couponing one way businesses help consumers save money while building brand awareness. However, the feature doesn't stop in the retail industry. Organizations in a number of sectors are using SMS services to help customers save.

Pharmacists across the country know that the price of prescription drugs can take their toll on Americans. That's why many pharmacies are implementing a service that allows patients to save money on medication. In 2009, the National League of Cities have saved individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing a discount card program. One city is taking that concept and modernizing it.

Memphis is a member of the League of Cities and has the ability to allow patients to save money on drugs. But, instead of sticking with the traditional card program, pharmacists are using their cell phones and communicating with patients via text message. Individuals are able to text their local pharmacies and receive the discount that way, rather than having to swipe a plastic card.

This method is more efficient and more effective because so many people have mobile devices with texting capabilities. Cole Epley, a staff writer with Memphis Business Journal, wrote about the benefits of the service in a recent article.

"Up until now, those wishing to take advantage of the program had to have a physical card handy," Epley wrote. "But the National League of Cities and CVS Caremark, which administers the discount program, have simplified things to the point of requiring users to send a simple text message."

More pharmacists can take advantage of texting by not only receiving messages for a discount, but sending mobile coupons that allows individuals to save on their medicine. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch effective mobile messaging campaigns such as this.