People lead busy lives. It's not always easy to remember to show up for certain events. However, some are more important than others, and forgetting to show up for certain things like court can have disastrous consequences. That's why people are using text reminders to remember where and when they have to show up for important events.

An article in the online publication Slate examines the rise of text messaging in the legal system. This can be used to send reminders to those either with Jury Duty or who have important court dates.

As physical mail dwindles in usefulness due to its inefficiency and studies show that less people are talking on the phone than ever before, sending SMS reminders could very well be the most effective method. More people have cell phones than ever before and today, SMS functionality exists on all devices. As this blog reported in the past, 98 percent of text messages are opened, making them the most effective form of communication.

Glen Rawdon, head of the technology grants program at the Legal Services Corporation, told the news source that he is in favor of courts increasing the use of SMS services.

"Text messages can also improve efficiency," Rawdon said. "If courts send SMS reminders to litigants, that would help move along cases that get postponed over and over when one party doesn't show up."

Courthouses must, however, ensure that they are implementing an effective system that will reach only appropriate recipients and allow the service to live up to its potential. Moreover, because the legal system is involved, following all regulations administered by the Federal Communications Commission is crucial. Working with a text message services provider can help the courts acquire the solutions they need. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools required to launch a strong SMS initiative.