While college football is slowly winding down and the NFL only has a month left in its regular season, basketball is underway and baseball will be back before we know it. Point is, sports are around all year long, which means teams are constantly tasked with reaching out and engaging fans. Today, many squads are turning toward text message marketing to help their efforts.

Promotional text messages have proven to be effective in many industries. Sports are no different. People who go to sporting events are the same as those who shop at the mall, so why would a successful text message campaign that worked for a clothing retailer not work for an NBA team?

An article in Business 2 Community examines the number of ways sporting teams can reach out to their fans via text messaging. Brent Messenger, the author of the article, suggests that giveaways and deals are universally accepted by consumers in every industry, including sports.

"There are a variety of ways sports teams can get fans more involved through SMS messaging including providing the latest schedule, scores, team information, player stats and something most fans extremely enjoy: contests and giveaways," Messenger writes. "Everyone loves free stuff and sports fans are no exception. Who doesn't want a football autographed by their favorite football player without having to pay a dime?"

However, teams must be careful when sending texts to users. As this blog reported earlier this year, the Pittsburgh Penguins came under fire after they sent too many messages to one user, resulting in a lawsuit. But, teams that carefully craft SMS campaigns will find their efforts yield impressive results. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools a team needs to send any kind of promotional message.