The timing of text messages is of the utmost importance. While all kinds of SMS services must be sent in a timely manner, some are more important than others. Emergency texts have to be sent on time, particularly when human life is at stake.

In Vancouver, an Amber Alert regarding a three-year-old boy was supposed to launch a text message to 30,000 subscribers giving them pertinent information regarding the missing child. While the message was eventually received, it wasn't until an hour after the alert was made.

The child was eventually found and is back home, but this kind of delay could have had disastrous consequences. There is no excuse for a message of this magnitude to be delayed for any period of time, nevermind an hour.

Marc Choma, a representative with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, spoke with the online publication News 1130 about the incident. He told the news source that he believed everything was working properly and that there should not have been a messaging delay.

"The authorization is given by the law enforcement agency. The messages should be received instantly. I haven't heard of any problem with the system last evening," Choma said. "They control when, how and the content in which the wireless alert is sent out."

This incident shows why having a proper text alert service is so important. Ultimately, the delay of a marketing message or any kind of promotional text message won't hurt anyone. But, in the event of an emergency like the aforementioned situation, any delay is inexcusable.

Part of the problem with the delay is that in events like this, information can change at any time. A text message based on hour-old intelligence may no longer be helpful to those that receive it.

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