You wait all week for this. You survive the rigors of your 9-to-5 job, get to the weekend and start to get excited. You wake up Saturday morning, call up your group, throw on your polo shirt and khakis and grab your clubs. For the next four hours, nothing else matters because you are going golfing. Only once you get to the club, you find out there is an event being held on the course, or that a maintenance issue is affecting the 8th fairway. the course is shut down to the public. All that anticipation for nothing. If only you had known ahead of time.

This is a frustrating experience to say the least, but there may be some assistance in the near future. Bowling Green, Kentucky, is launching a service that will send text message alerts to registered golfers offering important information about the city's municipal golf courses. This service includes information about open tee times, changes made to the day's schedule and can even include special promotional text messages.

Kim Lancaster, the city's public information officer, spoke with the Bowling Green Daily News about her department's efforts to reach out to golfers and the city's commitment to extend this service to other local areas.

"The whole point was to bring to them new ways to get information and stop misinformation," Lancaster said. "So we're going to roll that out and see how much of a broad reach it has, and then we will slowly add some other categories."

Golf isn't alone. In industries across the country, consumers expect accurate, relevant and timely messaging pertaining to whatever is associated with the company sending them. Implementing SMS services can ensure that individuals are always equipped with the best information, as to not damage a business' relationship with its customers. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch successful text message campaigns.