Quitting smoking isn't easy. There are plenty of methods to help people with their efforts – ranging from chewing gum to hypnotism – but none of them are fool-proof. Ultimately, individuals trying to quit need strong will-power and support. That may come in the form of SMS reminders.

As previously mentioned in this blog, this service has proven to be valuable to those needing assistance with taking their medication, but it can also be used to provide inspirational messages to those trying to get over a bad habit. A text message stating "One month smoke free! Way to go!" on the one-month anniversary of the last puff can really help recipients who may be seeking extra motivation with their quitting efforts.

The healthcare research firm Cochrane recently conducted a study of users receiving text messages to help them quit smoking versus those using traditional methods and found the results to be extremely positive. According to the research, the quit rate of those using text messages doubled.

An article in the online publication Geek.com examines the effects of using text messages to help those in need of assistance and argues that convenience and simplicity push SMS in the forefront.

"The benefits of a text-based approach are clear," Raby writes. "Of course, people take their mobile phones everywhere. Having a website with a lot of information on how to quit smoking is great, but when you're having a craving that website is pretty useless. If a text message popped up when you were stepping outside though, it could be the difference between lighting up or making it through another day."

This is yet another way organizations can benefit themselves and the public by using SMS services. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools businesses need to ensure a successful text messaging program.