We've all been in this situation. You park your car outside the mall, go inside to shop and get lunch and by the time you come back out to the parking lot, you have no idea where your car is. It's frustrating, can cause people to waste a lot of time looking for their vehicle and, depending on how busy the lot is, could be dangerous.

As the holiday shopping season approaches, it is becoming increasingly important for people to spend as little time as possible looking for their car because the crowds and traffic are just going to get more congested. Any service that can help people find their cars would be incredibly beneficial this time of year.

The Mall of America in Minnesota is hoping to solve this issue. A group affiliated with the mall is implementing a service that sends shoppers a text message reminder to let them where they are parked once they return to the MOA's expansive lot.

"Have you ever made the trek back to you car after a long day of shopping at the Mall of America and realized you have no idea where you parked?" writes Kaitlin Stevens, a reporter with the St. Paul/Minneapolis ABC affiliate. "The MOA has a plan for that."

Once parked, shoppers will be able to send a text to the mall's service number including the section and space number where they have left their cars. When they are done shopping, that number will respond with the same information, so users can simply head to the designated section and quickly find their car.

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