The restaurant industry has been through a difficult couple of years. While the establishments themselves have continued to provide delicious food, proper service and a customer experience that leaves all patrons satisfied at the end of their meal, the nature of the economy has prevented many people from eating out as often as they'd like.

The truth is, when money becomes tight and budgets must be examined with a fine-toothed comb, going out for dinner tends to be left behind. To combat this, it's up to restaurants to come up with innovative ways to engage customers and increase business. This can be done via text message marketing and SMS couponing.

Daily specials and promotional deals are one way many restaurants are combating the slowing economy and encouraging customers to come out to eat. The only problem is, spreading the word about deals can be costly and time consuming without proper tools.

According to an article in the online publication Cyprus Mail, several restaurants are battling the recession by offering dining specials and many are seeing increased inbound communication traffic. Peter Larkin, manager of the Casa Vieja Spanish restaurant, told the news source that he has been extra busy keeping up with the inquiries about the latest meal deal.

"The promotional deals really do make a difference," Larkin said. "Lately I've had customers calling up to see what deal is offered on what night to see when they are going to come."

Taking an abundance of incoming calls may not be the most practical way to spread the word about restaurant promotions. By signing users up to a text message service and using SMS to announce the latest special, restaurants can reach a greater number of people in an even shorter amount of time.

Businesses should take advantage of their technology to ensure that their revenue-building strategies are successful. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to construct effective promotional text messages.