We are only a few short weeks from election day and various voters groups are pooling their resources to generate strategies to increase turnout. Regardless of political affiliation, it's important that people get out and vote, so many voting organizations are turning to SMS services to bolster their efforts.

This blog has already covered the tremendous effect texting has had on political elections. Presidential candidates are receiving donations via text and earlier this year Canadian groups sent messages to remind citizens to vote. But, as November 6 gets closer, it's important for citizens to be well-informed about where to go, what time to vote and any other people need to know about the day.

"Text messaging is used by everyone, regardless of income, race or political party, so it's the perfect tool to reach voters of all stripes this election season," said Jed Alpert, a mobile development professional who is partnering with groups such as the Voting Information Project and New Organizing Institute. "In 2012 there's no reason anyone who wants to vote should be excluded due to lack of information."

This exemplifies the value of sending SMS messages to broadcast information. For example, any voter registered with a group implementing a text alerts service can receive important information such as the closest voting station with one simple text message. This valuable data can be sent to a large group of people instantly, which builds efficiency into their own operations.

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